OpenCart Advanced Support Ticket - ( $ 3,835 )

Opencart is an ecommerce platform which really need support system . Tickets is a full featured, yet easy to use help-desk ticket support system.It is great for users and businesses who wish to keep track of and manage support requests online.You can create multiple tickets, search tickets, create custom departments ,create custom fields and assign and much much more.


Features **

a) Search Filter
b) Set your Email template when customer replies or create ticket same with admin side.
c) Layout Options set create ticket panel in any Layout Page.
4) Lot of bug fixed.

1. Main Auto Assign
2. Main Admin and staff can create tickets
3. Auto assign (According to department)
4. Staff or other user groups cannot see other tickets only there assign tickets can be seen
5. Main Admin can edit and delete comments
6. Main admin can view all tickets.
7. Notification for both main admin and customer will get when ticket is created and replied.
8. All small issue fixed
9. CSS conflict problem fixed

1. Create n number of tickets.
2. User have to login to create tickets
3. Add attachments
4. Create unlimited no. of fields using form creator drag and drop
5. Resolved tickets are locked
6. Order id (enabled and disabled)
7. Admin can set status resolved, resolving or delete or assign to other admin departments
8. Message is in conversation form
9. User or admin can know who have last updated the tickets.
10. Admin can create n numbers of departments
11. Admin can delete the ticket as well
12. Time zone is set for replied or creation of ticket.
13. Ticket ID’s no. created automatically.
14. Clean code and design with browser compatibility

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